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We provide materials and services to Pharmaceutical formulation companies worldwide. These materials and services are used by our customers to improve lives and delivery outstanding value.

We believe Quality and Compliance is of utmost importance to the wellbeing of our customers and to our own success.

Our vision is to be an industry leader in Quality & Compliance for the bulk intermediates, APIs and excipients that we supply. We believe Quality is a way of thinking that protects our customers by using, science based, risk management approach to design the necessary programs.

We will establish annual goals to improve our quality and compliance programs. We will implement our vision at every level of our organization, at every site and at every function to remain proactive. We will invest to remain current in our knowledge of industry and compliance standards.

  • Management at every level has the responsibility to provide leadership, support programs and assist staff to safeguard product quality and encourage compliance.
  • Every employee has the responsibility to ensure they and their colleagues are taking steps to safeguard product quality and adhering to compliance programs.

We are committed to keeping our employees at every level well informed and appropriately trained so that our quality programs are best in class.

The head of quality has primary responsibility for the design of quality & compliance programs. Anzchem managing director has the overall responsibility.

Manjit SINGH

General Manager – Anzchem