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Curate your own Health & Beauty drink formulations with our HFC as it comprises of superior and exceptional amounts of the Amino Acids Glycine & Proline that are not only essential for fostering Healthy Tissue Growth of Hair, Skin and Nails but also to provide Optimum Nutritional Support as an Important Protein Source.

Quality Control is of utmost importance to us and that is why our facility is dedicated solely to Marine Collagen, so we can keep a tight control on quality, and regularly test our products for purity & safety.
We achieve Purity by using ONLY Wild-Caught Fish (cold-water) i.e., deep water ocean fish such as- Cod, Haddock and Pollock which means our products are non-GMO, 100% Natural and have ZERO chances of being exposed to antibiotics or hormones.

Our HFC is pure protein, and very water soluble with No Odour or Taste. It can be used as a protein additive in Nutraceutical, Cosmetic or Food Applications and it exceeds the purity requirements of the United States, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeia.
It is Gluten-free, Sugar-free, has No Preservatives & Additives, just pure Goodness. It is Kosher, Halal, Paleo, and Keto Friendly. Caring for the nature is important to us, and we’re proud to claim that our HFC is Sustainable.       

The HFC is very Easy to Digest and gets Quickly Absorbed by the body because it’s treated with a non-GMO food-grade, enzyme to provide low molecular weight protein which enhances the Ease of Digestion, and appeal to consumers with digestive issues.

The Applications & Benefits of our Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen:

1) Beauty From Within:
Enhances Skin Elasticity
Hydration, Firmness
Wrinkle & Cellulite Reduction

2)  Bone/Joint Health:
Strengthens Joint Mobility & Function
Improves Bone Mineral Density, Composition & Strength
Helps Reduce the Pain

3) Anti-Aging:
Helps with conditions such as :-
Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis
Sarcopenia & Muscle Weakness

4) Sports Recovery:
Wound Healing
Joint Pain
Muscle Recovery
Nitrogen Retention

Our HFC is used in the Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, and Food Industries as it has various purposes to solve.

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