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Health and Safety Policy

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Effective date 31 March 2017
Policy owner Human Resources
Applies to All ANZCHEM employees, contractors, customers and visitors.
Contact Officer ANZCHEM H.R. Manager

Purpose and aims
ANZCHEM Pty. Ltd., is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all people involved in our business.
This Health & Safety Policy (Policy) expresses our commitment to health and safety in the workplace.
If you work at ANZCHEM in any capacity, including employees, potential employees and contractors, whether on a full-time, part-time or casual basis, on or off-site, or if you are a customer or visitor attending our workplace or an event we have organised (you, person, people), then this Policy applies to you and you must familiarise yourself with, and comply with, this Policy and any variations to this Policy. This Policy is subject to relevant legislation.
This Policy may be reviewed, varied, added to or withdrawn by ANZCHEM at any time, at our absolute discretion. This Policy, and any amendments to it, does not form part of your employment contract or agreement or your independent contractor agreement (as the case may be).

ANZCHEM will make this Policy available through the Sharepoint Portal or displayed at site in accordance with applicable industrial agreements.
ANZCHEM’s commitment to workplace health and safety
Our commitment to workplace health and safety is consistent with our stated values. We promote a culture which endeavours to control the risks of harm to our people through or at work.
In order to meet our commitment to workplace health and safety, we will apply all reasonable efforts to:
· take all reasonably practicable steps to preserve health and safety at any of our premises or any premises controlled by us;
· implement and maintain the HSE Management Standards to continually improve our health and safety management system and risk management process;
· monitor workplace conditions and identify and respond to any hazards or risks as they arise;
· incorporate health and safety into the business planning cycle so that measurable safety objectives and targets can be set, plans formulated and performance measured on a regular basis;
· consult, communicate and empower employees to foster a culture of health and safety and encourage the active management of risks to health and safety in their own work area;
· ensure all people, including contractors, are held accountable for fulfilling their health and safety responsibilities;
· provide appropriate training, instruction and supervision to people regarding workplace health and safety related matters;
· make available appropriate first aid facilities, supplies, and personnel trained to administer first aid;
· allocate resources to meet the commitments of this Policy; and
· Review and, where possible, improve policies, management systems and practices relating to health and safety.

Your obligations
Workplace health and safety is the shared responsibility of all persons in the workplace and you are responsible for ensuring your own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of others. This means you will need to:
· work in a safe and responsible manner, and not in any way that places you or others in a position of risk to safety or health;
· observe safe work practices and methods and obey all applicable safe working directions and procedures;
· wear all appropriate safety clothes and equipment;
· only use materials, equipment and vehicles in a safe way, within lawful operating parameters and as instructed by us;
· not interfere with or misuse any plant, equipment, vehicles or any other materials provided by us;
· maintain all plant, equipment and vehicles in a safe working condition;
· assist in identifying hazards, assessing risks and implement risk control measures;
· take reasonable steps to maintain your immediate work area in a tidy and safe condition;
· attend regular training dealing with workplace health and safety;
· immediately report any:
o unsafe plant, equipment or vehicles, or working conditions or unsafe work practices you become aware of;
o injuries or illnesses (however minor) and any ‘near misses’;
o any breach of this Policy;
· co-operate with ANZCHEM regarding any workplace health and safety-related matter; and
· Comply with this Policy and any other material dealing with health and safety.
If you witness any incident compromising workplace health or safety or a breach of this Policy, you are required to immediately notify an appropriate member of management. All complaints will be treated impartially and will be addressed promptly.

Consequences of breaching this Policy
We retain discretion to commence disciplinary action for breaches of this Policy. Disciplinary action may include a written warning, counselling, suspension or the termination of a person’s employment or engagement. We may also refer a breach of this Policy to law enforcement authorities where necessary.

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