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The fast-changing needs of the population means that innovation must always be happening.

The clean-label movement has been gaining traction, and calls for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies to make changes to meet their demands.

Enter ACG’s three clean-label alternative offerings to traditional hard gelatin capsules.

Graphic depicting the the clean-label capsule solutions.

ACGCaps™ H+

H+ capsules are ACG’s second-generation vegetarian capsule, made from only water and cellulose. Completely free from animal products, titanium dioxide, and gelling agents, it’s the perfect clean-label capsule. It’s versatile, and can handle moisture sensitive and hygroscopic material, as well as a version for delayed release and liquid fill.

Benefits of H+ capsules:

. Has been rigorously tested for over 400 industrial and environmental contaminants and toxins

. Consistent dissolution performance across the whole biological pH range,and independent of pH and ionic strengths

. Possesses disintegration characteristics comparable with gelatine capsules

. Remains stable in storage, and under a broad temperature range

. Vegetarian Society approved, certified Vegan, Star `K’ Kosher and Halal certified, Non-GMO Project verified, Clean Label Project certified

. They are also fully customisable, without comprising on the clean-label.

ACGCaps™ NTone

NTone is a range of colours by ACG that are derived only from natural soruces. These colours are safe and free from artificial ingredients, also providing the opportunity to formulate clean-label products.

ACGCaps™ TSafe

Worried about Titanium Dioxide capsule opacity? Fear no more, Tsafe is a titanium-free opacifier. It can be pigmented, and combined with the Ntone range of colours, allowing for clean-label products.

Whether you’re looking for natural colourants, a vegetarian-friendly capsule option, or just looking for capsules that have no titanium in them – ACG have you covered.

To start your next capsule journey, contact us or request a sample.

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