Welcome to Anzchem, raw material distributor for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, and veterinary applications for Australian and New Zealand Markets.

Welcome to Anzchem

Ingredient solution supplier for Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Food markets for human and Veterinary applications. Anzchem is a specialty supplier of Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, and Food Ingredients to the Australasian markets. Spanning over five continents Anzchem represents a number of renowned international manufacturers.
Our mission is to provide quality products and world class service by better understanding our customers’ operations and their needs.

About Us

At Anzchem we understand our customers’ expectations and strive to meet their expectations with respect to quality, service, & provide cost effective solutions. Incorporated in 2002, Anzchem is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPI Pharma Inc. – USA, a global leader in providing innovative and custom formulated solutions to global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers. SPI Pharma’s products include antacid actives, directly compressible calcium powders, functional excipients, drug delivery systems, taste-masked actives, and vaccine adjuvants.

Anzchem is celebrating its 20th year in 2022.

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Anzchem represents a number of renowned international nutraceutical and..

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Anzchem’s current range of food ingredients includes:

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Anzchem represents a number of renowned international..


Anzchem, represents various renowned international..


Anzchem offers a wide range of functional excipients that help..


Anzchem’s parent company SPI Pharma offers the industry’s most innovative..


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